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Yoko – Queen of Crab Apples

Episode #18

I had a great conversation with my friend and fellow Khmer American comedian, Yanna aka Yoko. We talked about her viral crab apple skit and the first time we met in Lowell, where we feasted at Simply Khmer restaurant. Yoko grew up in a town in Massachusetts called Amherst where her family first settled. She shared stories about going through foster care early in her childhood, which help mold her into the woman she is today. We also talked about important topics such as dealing with the pandemic, police brutality, racism, and so much more. Currently, Yoko has opened her online store selling Khmer Pins with her signature “Nov Nooh” mouth pointing and crab apple pin, as well as Khmer Pride pins. You can check out her store and social media links below.

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