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Randy Kim

Episode #22

For the final Chluy Talk Podcast episode of 2020, I interview a fellow Podcaster, Randy Kim of Chicago. He gave my first podcast interview earlier in the year so it was fitting for me to have him on my show. We talked about his background, growing up in Illinois and and how he started his Banh Mi Chronicles podcast. Randy is currently a board member of the National Heritage Museum in Chicago and has been connecting with community leaders on to discuss important issues that AAPI folks face everyday.

More on Randy & Banh i Chronicles Podcast
The word “ Bánh Mì “ means “bread” in Vietnamese. Bánh Mì sandwiches are a long-time Vietnamese staple that’s been influenced since the French colonization. It was the first Vietnamese food I grew to like as a Southeast Asian kid growing up in a White middle class neighborhood outside of Chicago.

Through “The Bánh Mì Chronicles,” I am looking to “break bánh mì” with AAPI folks in Chicago and beyond, to understand the work they are doing for themselves, their community, and their family. This journey will ensure that our interactions with each other become a part of our history.

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