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Lada Beatz

Episode #24

In this episode, I interview my childhood friend Lada Beatz who is also the youngest brother of AP Muzzika that interviewed in episode 20. I wanted to speak with Lada because I wanted to personally thank him for his contribution to my music as promote him on my platform. Even though we grew up together, he was a lot younger, so I really hung out with older brothers more. We talked about how I found out that he produced beats out of no where, and how I wanted to work him one day. Well the day came in 2019 and we released a full 5 song EP, 4 songs of which he produced and it was a success. Lola Lola has over 200K Youtube streams and became reaction videos for youtubers in Cambodia. We also talked about our musical influences and favorite producers what are long term goals are in music and in life. I hope you guys enjoy this episode and have some good takeaways from it. Lada Beatz is one of my favorite producers I’ve worked with and I pray he makes it to the top! All his links below, so make sure you follow him and support him by checking out his beats and purchasing and or leasing it for your next project.

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