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Hannah of Sarong Company

Episode #25

In this episode, I interview Hannah from Atlanta. Hannah is a Khmer American small business owner who started her own online Southeast Asian  sarong comfort wear store, The Sarong Company. After getting laid off from her job in the beginning of the pandemic, Hannah decided to learn how to sew scrunchies out of the Khmer Sarong fabric and she posted them on her Instagram where it drew interest from potential buyers. From then on, she started selling sarong of various colors and designs and more recently she added jade pendants and necklaces. I enjoyed speaking with Hannah and I really admire her motivation, drive, and positive attitude towards life, the daily hustle, and her love for her daughter. Hannah and the Sarong company have my full support and I think Sarongs are important piece of our culture and for it be available online to purchase is a beautiful thing, not just for Khmer people but for everyone to wear in the comfort of their home or anywhere they please. Please give the Sarong Company a follow and subscribe to be notified of new content.

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