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Super Duper OG – YouTube & Beer

Episode #11

Disclaimer: We are not promoting alcohol abuse, and this video is for a mature audience. Please do not try any of the beer challenges at home.

So early on when I started my podcast, I did a live stream on my YouTube to ask my followers who wants to be on my podcast, and he reached out to me. I then, checked out his channel and saw that he runs a beer drinking channel and he’s growing pretty rapidly so the rest was history. I picked Super Duper Og’s brain on his quick rise on YouTube and what gear he uses as far as equipment goes (mics, lighting, camera, etc.) and we have some things in common like we both do everything our self from the filming, video and audio editing, to the comedy skits. Also, he spoke about how he manages to work a regular job and only does drinking videos on the weekends, and how he’s able to maintain his health. He only drinks beer, and quit hard liquor for a few years now. What I liked about this episode is that I learned some valuable things regarding how to grow on YouTube by consistently releasing videos and fan engagement YouTube live streaming, as well doing Giveaways. So hopefully, some of you guys can get inspired to start a channel in 2020 and beyond, it doesn’t even have to be any crazy challenges. Just find your niche and execute. We hope you enjoy this episode and please like, comment, subscribe and hit the notification bell for more!

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