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Rosie Khun – Forgiving My Father’s Killer

Episode #28

In this episode, I interview Rose Khun of Eureka California. Rose is a daughter of Khmer Immigrants who settled in Modesto California in the early 80s. She shared a heart felt story about her Father’s murder in San Jose by a Khmer Gang during a robbery of their family owned VHS store. There are so much emotions in this episode and I am thankful Rose was able to share it with all of us. Rose, explained why she decided to forgive her fathers killer and even wrote a letter to him telling him that she has forgiven him. It takes a takes a lot of strength and courage to do what Rose is doing and she’s even fighting to get “Bob,” her father’s killer out of prison because she feels that he’s a changed man and wants to make amends with her father and her family. Currently, Rose is a Holistic Nutritionist and continues to teach about the mind, body, and soul to her clients. She also plans on starting her own podcast and she has my full support. We hope you guys enjoy this episode and we hope it inspires you to learn how to develop a forgiving mind through empathy.

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