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Cambo Vlogs – The Khmer Speaking Expat

Episode #7

Pat Moriarity is an expat vlogger and youtuber living in Cambodia. His family first moved to Cambodia in 1996 as missionaries. After finishing school back in the U.S. He decided to move back to Cambodia and start a life there. He married his wife Mey in January of 2019 and began to incorporate the khmer language in his vlogs. In this episode we talk about how we discovered each other on youtube. We discuss the pros & cons and being a youtuber and what its like to live in Cambodia, coming from America, Maine to be exact. We hope you enjoy this episode and please make sure you follow Cambo Vlogs to see his day to day life in Cambodia. So many gems in this episode and we hope it inspires anyone who may want to become a youtuber or vlogger or just anyone who has a goal in life. It’s all about just doing it, rather then just talking about it.

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