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How To Start a Youtube Channel with SpringRollFever

Episode #15

In this episode, my special guest is one of the first Khmer Youtubers. Long before I got on Youtube, there was a girl named Spring Roll Fever. She was known her Khmer American comedy skits and I stumbled upon her “Kung Fu Mom” video circa 2010 ish. Lina aka Spring Roll Fever and I talk about her Youtube journey and how we continue to evolve through the years as content creators. We share tips and tricks on how to maximize your youtube channel as well as the gear we use, and what gear we recommend for any one that wants to start their own youtube channel but just don’t know where to start. This is a straight forward and informative episode as well a fun one and we hope this helps the next youtuber or content creator out in a positive way. Make sure you head over to Spring Roll Fever’s channel and subscribe as she does more then comedy now. You can Mukbangs, Job search tips, travel vlogs, food reviews, and many more. You might even see me on there stuffing my face with hot pot lol. We both, thank everyone for the support though out these years and we will continue to produce quality content for your entertainment.

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